Hello there!

I am David and currently located in Hamburg, Germany.

When I’m not busy trying to achieve world domination, I design stuff.

With an extensive training of over six years and several years of work-experience – both as a freelancer and permanent employee in various digital agencies – I offer a wide range of expertise.

Starting with a classic apprenticeship in both print design and typography, I soon discovered an interest in digital media which led me to a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Production with a Thesis on Transmedia Storytelling.

The projects I like to do best are the ones that cover all aspects of today’s media environment.

Also, if there is a light post to run into you can be sure I’ll find it.

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What do I offer?

Conceptual & Visual Design

The definition of conceptual design varies strongly, especially in agencies. For me it is the developing and refining of an idea. A good idea is essential for the following design to work. Ideally the idea or essence of a product, firm, website etc. is developed not only by the designer (me) but together with the client. Once the idea is set it should be refined with rebriefings and wireframing to give it a look and feel.
Having achieved a strong conceptual basis through defining the goal, the actual design work can start.

Corporate Design

The supreme discipline, corporate design defines the whole visual appearance of a firm. Starting with a logo it mainly includes stationary design, webdesign, packaging, etc.
I offer print- as well as webdesign from scratch to execution and also redesign approaches to existing designs.


Illustration has been the foundation of my career as a designer. I started to draw what I saw since I can imagine and always held on to that creative part of my life. Though you honestly don’t want to see a watercolor painting of mine (usually a big brown smudge), I know my way around a pencil. Over the years I also began to digitalize the sketches. Apart from character design and oldschool portrait drawings, I also fell in love with all kinds of typography and lettering artworks during my design apprenticeship.

Some of the clients I worked for